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As one of the largest firms of its kind in Port Vila, Vanuatu, Barrett and Partners boasts a team of professionals skilled in all aspects of chartered accountancy. Whether you own a small business or an international organisation, we can assist you in a wide range of services, from simple yearly auditing to founding a company from scratch.

B&P is a chartered accountants firm that you can trust to provide effective consulting and advice to help you compare financial strategies, go over commercial and industrial solutions and much more. This is because we are one of Vanuatu's longest established agencies and as such are also one of the most experienced.

Our team has assisted numerous individuals in the past, offering a range of comprehensive advice, competitive strategies and in-depth solutions to keep our clients’ company formations in Vanuatu within the law, saving them money in the process. From simple matters such as standard accounting and auditing tasks to more complex procedures, such as establishing an international company or trust, the team at Barrett and Partners will be behind you, providing you with the assistance that you require.

We can also help those looking into offshore companies in Vanuatu and can create specialised packages that are aimed at reaching these commercial goals with ease. Here at B&P, we offer a comprehensive range of business advice services that will get you what you want. Have confidence in our reputation, our team and the fact that our company, Trustees International Limited is a fully licensed trust company within Vanuatu.

Corporate Financial Accountant Australia

Anyone in Australia who is searching for a more economically viable place to set up a business would be highly advised to have a look at Vanuatu. The country has a worldwide reputation as an international finance hub, not to mention the fact that it is an easy flight from Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia.

As a globally-renowned investment centre, it plays an important role especially due to its time zone, which conveniently overlaps with both New York and Hong Kong. Taxation law is also less restrictive here, and aspects such as income tax, capital gains tax and withholding tax are completely eliminated. There is even an absence of estate duty and exchange controls.

At Barrett and Partners, we offer a number of offshore corporate services designed to assist anyone in starting up a company. As accountants in Australia to Vanuatu business transitions, we are in a unique position to help. Those with connections to markets or with an interest in e-commerce will find Vanuatu especially appealing, especially with some assistance from the accountancy team here at B&P.

Get in touch with us today via phone, fax, email or in person and ask us about our range of professional services. Each member of our team has the skills and knowledge to help anyone, whether in starting up a business or keeping it running like clockwork. Make an appointment with us today and see how we can help you run a successful business in one of the world's most attractive island destinations.

About Vanuatu:

Trustees International Limited

Trustees International Limited is currently owned and operated by the partners of Barrett & Partners, a leading firm of chartered accountants and Business Advisers located in the capital, Port Vila.

Trustees International Limited has been established as a licenced company and Trust Service Provider in Vanuatu since the early 1970's.

Trustees International Limited

Trustees International Limited provides various offshore services, which include:

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