The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission’s 2nd Symposium on Virtual Assets – Shaping Tomorrow: 

Exploring the Role of the Financial Dealers License & Virtual Assets in National Development was held on the 27th June 2024.

International experts joined Vanuatu’s fintech sector for the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission’s (VFSC) second Symposium on Virtual Assets.



The virtual assets Symposium, ‘Shaping tomorrow – Exploring the Role of the Financial Dealers Licence and Virtual Assets in National Development,’ saw finance brokers, regulators, government officials and international experts meeting to explore strategic issues for this important emerging economic sector.



Loretta Joseph – KEY NOTE SPEAKER
“Loretta Joseph is a public policy influencer and is globally recognised as a leading authority in digital asset regulation and blockchain technology.
She is guiding the VFSC’s Financial Dealers Licence (FDL) legal framework, which includes regulation of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and decentralised finance.
Sheis a highly dynamic, skilled banking, financial and consulting professional with over 30 years of experience in financial markets and related sectors. She is a life time fellow of the advisory board of the ADCCA (Australian Digital Currency and Commerce Association) and holds various advisory positions for multiple tech, biotech and Cybersecurity companies.
Loretta champions the cause for responsible blockchain adoption with governments, Regulators and industry players around the globe. She was the recipient of the prestigious FinTech Australia FinTech Leader of 2017 award, the Female Leader of 2016 award and also the 2016 Alumni Award for Social Impact from Sancta Sophia College at Sydney University.”


“Rick McDonell is a Co-CEO and Co-Owner of McDonell-Nadeau. He is also Executive Director of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS). Rick is known globally for his work as Executive Secretary of the FATF including the FATF’s revision of the international AML/CFT/PF Standards, the new Mutual Evaluation methodology covering technical and effectiveness compliance and the expansion of the FATF Global Network to nine FATF-Style Regional Bodies.
Prior to his FATF role, Rick was Chief of the UN Global Program against Money Laundering and the founder and inaugural Executive Secretary of the Asia-Pacific Group on Money Laundering. Rick has extensive experience as a prosecutor and investigator leading complex multidisciplinary investigation Task Forces into organised crime cases both nationally and internationally.
Rick is a member of the Advisory Board on the Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing and Chair of the Advisory Board. He is a graduate of Monash University, Australia with a BA, LLB and Graduate Diploma in Commercial Law.”