The Partners of Barrett and Partners are pleased to announce their joining Santa Fe Associates International (SFAI) as the exclusive certified member firm in Vanuatu.

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, SFAI is a highly respected International firm of Chartered Accountants and Consultants with 13,000 people employed in over 300 representative offices in 114 countries.

SFAI’s Board of Directors is headed by Alfredo Spilzinger, Ph.D., Lord of Brownsel, who says “The SFAI Board of Directors welcomes you and your firm to the SFAI family. We hope to have a profitable and long lasting relationship”.

Lindsay Barrett, Managing Partner of Barrett and Partners was enthusiastic: “My partners and I are very pleased to join with one of the world’s leading accounting and advisory networks who, unlike many others, take a commonsense approach to their work and like us, are fully focused on making clients’ businesses thrive. Further, it will allow us as a firm to continue to provide world class services to our small Vanuatu community and access expertise not readily available in Vanuatu to most of the other firms here”.

From today, the firm will become known as “SFAI Barrett and Partners Vanuatu”. SFAI was established in 1997. It is a member of the Forum of Firms at International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) to which only 27 firms worldwide belong and the network is currently ranked No. 17 in the world. The network is dedicated to providing superior service to help clients develop better business strategies that build on their unique strengths so that they continually adapt and improve results.

feasibility study

The NCTMC acts as the peak national body to manage, co-ordinate and supervise all aspects of cruise tourism development in Vanuatu and, when required, to advise the COM and represent the GOV in all matters pertaining to cruise tourism development and growth. It’s main role and function is to implement the recommended actions set out in the Vanuatu Sustainable Cruise Tourism Plan 2020. Action 12 of this plan was to develop an inter-island cruise shipping strategy to enable more access for tourists to the outer provinces.

The NCTMC has requested DoT to commission a consultant to undertake a feasibility study to ascertain whether a smaller expedition type cruise ship (50 to 200 passengers) could be home based in Port Vila to service both a domestic market and an international ‘fly-in and cruise’ product. The concept would be to offer a range of itineraries to cruise around the Vanuatu islands, thereby benefitting all 6 Provinces. The assumption is that this type of high value, low impact tourism product could be introduced once a Covid safe environment has been established and international borders are re-opened.

A Contract was signed on Tuesday 29th June 2021 between Mr. Jerry Spooner, Director of the Department of Tourism and Barrett and Partners, represented by Lindsay Barrett as Consultants

The Consultants will:

  • Undertake a feasibility study through a market and financial analysis, to ascertain the economic viability of such a concept.
  • Assess whether there is a business case for a Vanuatu based expedition ship to also cruise to other Pacific Islands (e.g. New Caledonia, Fiji), and possibly to Australia and New Zealand sometime in the future.
  • Evaluate the focus on authentic and diverse, soft adventure experiences in remote islands and villages, featuring Vanuatu’s cultural and natural tourism products.

The National Cruise Tourism Management Committee (NCTMC) was established by the Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Industry, Cooperatives and Ni-Vanuatu Business following the adoption of the Vanuatu Sustainable Cruise Tourism Plan. This plan is part of the Tourism Recovery Plan 2020 to 2023 and also forms part of the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Strategy 2021 to 2025. This strategy is aligned with and guided by the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Policy 2019 to 2030 endorsed by COM in March 2019. All of these are, in turn, aligned to the objectives of the National Sustainable Development Plan (2016-2030), better known as The People’s Plan.

The study will be guided by the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism. These provide a policy and planning framework to reduce high leakages from tourism earnings, develop measures to minimise the negative impact of tourism on the environment and the traditional culture, increase benefits to local host communities, protect traditional knowledge, protect areas of high biodiversity value, and promote Ni Vanuatu employment and entrepreneurship.

Barrett & Partners is proud to be a sponsor for the 5th year running of the SMART Sistas Girls ICT Camp.

The annual programme is engaging girls aged 11-15 years of age into technology.  The one week long camp covers ICT technical training, leadership and general empowerment and career exploration. We wish to congratulate the successful Participants for SMART Sistas Girls ICT Camp 2021

1. Amy Vuti – Central School
2. Chloe Lisbeth Ameara – Ecole Publique
3. Crystal Takiau – Central School
4. Georgianne Petri – Lenakel Presbyterian College
5. Leontine Malere – Central School
6. Letian Adlyn Tally – Vila East School
7. Natalie Merai Tulang – Port Vila International School
8. Natasha Karina Tulang – Port Vila International School
9. Riana Willie – Epauto School
10. Rihannane Claire Peter – Child Care Centre
11. Valencia Toro – Central School
12. Yonce Sulite Matou – Central School