Corporate Services

Incorporating international or local companies and business valuations are just some of the corporate services SFAI Barrett and Partners Vanuatu offer.

International Company Incorporation

International Companies (IC’s) are ideal for those who wish to have a company registered in Vanuatu, but do not do any business within Vanuatu. IC’s are not permitted to do business within Vanuatu.

The process to incorporate an international company is relatively simple and can usually be completed within 48 hours following receipt and submission of the required information and supporting documentation.

International Clocks
local company with sign on door saying open

Local Company Incorporation

Local Companies are permitted to do business both within and outside of Vanuatu. A Local Company take approximately 48 hours to incorporate once the application is lodged with the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC).

Local companies need only one shareholder (resident or non-resident), and at least one natural person who ordinarily resides in Vanuatu, acting as director. This information is available to the public. We can provide the service of nominee shareholders if required and this is included in our annual representation fee. Declarations of Trust are executed to link the beneficial owners to the company. It is also possible to set up a Trust to act as the beneficial owner of the company.

Trust Formations

A certain level of confidentiality can be obtained by inserting a trust within the company structure. The trust would be used to hold the shares in the company.

Business Valuation

We offer a full range of Business Valuation services subject to your needs.

Strata Title Services

We are able to assist in all aspects related to obtaining and managing Strata Titles.