SMART Sistas Girls ICT Camp

Barrett & Partners is proud to be a sponsor for the 5th year running of the SMART Sistas Girls ICT Camp.

The annual programme is engaging girls aged 11-15 years of age into technology.  The one week long camp covers ICT technical training, leadership and general empowerment and career exploration. We wish to congratulate the successful Participants for SMART Sistas Girls ICT Camp 2021

1. Amy Vuti – Central School
2. Chloe Lisbeth Ameara – Ecole Publique
3. Crystal Takiau – Central School
4. Georgianne Petri – Lenakel Presbyterian College
5. Leontine Malere – Central School
6. Letian Adlyn Tally – Vila East School
7. Natalie Merai Tulang – Port Vila International School
8. Natasha Karina Tulang – Port Vila International School
9. Riana Willie – Epauto School
10. Rihannane Claire Peter – Child Care Centre
11. Valencia Toro – Central School
12. Yonce Sulite Matou – Central School