Vast experience, expertise, and local knowledge

The Barrett and Partners team come from various backgrounds and not only have the expertise for your accounting needs, but also have acquired an extensive knowledge of local regulations, legislation, and methods.

The Partners

lindsay barrett

Lindsay Barrett

Managing Partner

The Audit and Accounting Team

B&PP 146

Haydn Saunders

Manager Audit and Accounting

Stephanie Mamelin

Manager Audit and Accounting - French
B&PP 185

Vanessa Joseph

Audit and Accounting
B&PP 166

Shirley Bule

Audit and Accounting
B&PP 192

Nisha Rambay

Audit and Accounting
Judith Zhu

Judith Zhu

Audit and Accounting - Chinese
B&PP 195

Jean Lini

Audit and Accounting
DSC_3635 copy

Nitya Nand

Team Leader Audit, Accounting and Consulting

The New Business Team

B&PP 010

Delmaine Smith

New Business and Marketing Officer
B&PP 001

Beverly Kaltabang

New Business - Incorporations
Candy Guo

Candy Guo

New Business - Chinese
B&PP 203

Sarah George

New Business - Immigration and Citizenship

Roney Aruhuri

New Business - VFIPA, Customs and Lands

The Finance and Administration Team

B&PP 136

Vivian Wong

Funds Manager
B&PP 230

Lynn Clement

Manager Lands and Strata Title
B&PP 021

Lily Ala

Finance and Administration Support

The Administration and Office Support Team

B&PP 173

Agnes Aru

Administration and Office Support - Reception
B&PP 100

Anne-Lise Trainer

Administration and Office Support - French
B&PP 222

Joseph Massingalo

Administration and Office Support
B&PP 159

Ken Obed

Administration and Office Support